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vipprogrammer Sedum UP-828E EMMC Programmer
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vipprogrammer Sedum UP-828E EMMC Programmer

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Sedum UP-828E EMMC Programmer is Ultra Flash Memory programmer, Support the full range of eMMC pin, UP828E EMMC programmer is an specialized emmc programmer, support USER, BOOT, RPMB and GPP regional literacy

Sedum UP-828E EMMC Programmer for Flash Memory 

The features of UP-828E eMMC programmer

UP-828E eMMC Ultra programmer, powerful, time-saving, stable and efficient
EMMC full range of support packages : 12 * 16mm/12 * 18mm/14 * 18mm / 11.5 * 13mm and so on
Support the full range of eMMC pin : 153Pin / 162Pin/169Pin/186Pin etc.
Support eMMC version of the specifications : 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.41/4.5/5.0
Support device supply voltage : 3.3V/1.8V/1.2V
Support any Extended CSD literacy
Support USER, BOOT, RPMB and GPP regional literacy
Support for custom reader USER area size , greatly improve work efficiency
Support setting BOOT area , RPMB area and GPP area capacity size
Support open WrRel ( Reliability write ) and SLC mode OTP setting
Can master the detailed analysis shows that the chip information
Can customize a variety of proprietary algorithms
New and improved hardware and adapters, special high-precision low-noise LDO
Supports the industry- specific production eMMC * 4 seat
Software streamlined, without selection, you can select only the corresponding package
Improve and facilitate the mass production of software functions
Open the image file directly read and write , save a lot of time on paperwork and burn time
Image files with high-speed compression algorithms , without additional compression, the compression of time and save a lot of disk space

Can compatible with almost BGA adapter

Supporting the patented product BGA adapter average life 20,000 times or more, far more than the life of ease and import the adapter.

Perfect detailed log files and production programming statistical report, convenient programming quality tracking. Supports WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7 operating system

Hardware specifications

communication interface: USB2.0 (compat USB1.0/1.1)
System requirements: WINDOWS XP / 2003 / NT/WIN7 operating systems, 256MB or above RAM , 1GB or above hard disk space
Power Specifications: Input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC 5V/1A
Host size: 208*128*45mm 0.8kg

UP-828E EMMC Programmer Package list:

A host, an external power, one USB2.0 cable, user manual, installation software CD, and a warranty card

Optional: UP-eMMC Ultra Programmer adapter

Device update

Aperiodically update the adding new devices, and update it on our website
Users can download the latest software freely on our website, also can get free software CD
Users can apply for special device support

Quality Assurance

In the warranty period, and match the warranty coverage, the Programmer can be free repair in one years
Adapter and socket are belong to damage easily things, not warranty

Technical Support

If has some question in the use process, you can press F1 view the help file; Also can check this user manual related instructions, the software and hardware can be updated by offical website

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